Barkervilles Story

Barkerville Historic Town

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This section includes information on BC’s Golden Triangle,  Distance Charts and The Barkerville Highway Historical Driving Tour with a map.

Barkerville’s Story

It’s 1862. You are hand-digging through layers of soggy, worthless, frustrating gravel. You are hoping and praying the next shovel-stroke will expose a fortune in gold. Everyone says it’s crazy, but there’s too much at stake. Then, just when the outcome seems impossibly bleak, at a depth of 52 feet the ground begins to pay. The lead is struck, and the greatest creek side placer gold deposit the world has ever seen is suddenly yours for the taking. This is Barkerville’s story.

Billy Barker’s legendary gold strike on Williams Creek in August 1862 triggered a multigenerational, billion-dollar treasure hunt that literally helped to build our province. Today, extraordinary Barkerville Heritage Town stands as a living tribute to British Columbia’s golden beginnings.

A National Historic Site

Declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1924 and a Provincial Heritage Property in 1958, Barkerville is now the largest authentic heritage attraction in western North America.

Please join us for an eventful 2018 season filled with education, entertainment, and good old-fashioned service. Be sure to see our interpretive gold mining display, the Barker & Co. Discovery Shaft and Shaft House. 

Our 2018 season celebrates a “one and only” and very unique historic event in all of Canada with our “150th Anniversary of Dominion Day”. On July 1st, 1868 – one year after Upper and Lower Canada joined to become the Dominion of Canada – the first “Dominion Day” event in Canadian history took place in Barkerville, British Columbia (three years before BC became part of Canada)! We hope you’ll join us in the Cariboo Goldfields as we remember, re-enact and celebrate this historic occasion of Canada’s very first “Dominion Day” birthday party on Sunday, July 1. See the full listing of Barkerville events on pages 24 and 25 of the Visit Barkerville guide or, for the very latest news and event updates, visit us at

With our unique streetscape of more than 130 heritage buildings, authentic displays, satellite museums, restaurants, shops and accommodations, Barkerville still has so much to explore. In fact, there’s so much to see and do this year, why not plan to spend a couple of days and nights with us?